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Provisional Admitted / Provissional Admission

The Ambulence Ride

see also tape-024 (hospital) poetry-for-the-dead title: provissioanl-addmitted-provissionally-admission ...(hostpital - slow "walk in" along the coridoor)... lighting here should be almost too bright - ie, the exact opposite of death ....(music up).... something "dark" but clasical - adagio something.. the first 00:00 - of the adagio for organ, violin and strings in g minor but NOT into the first "violin" intrusion... this should be looped continuously as with some of Glass' or steve reich - possibly even "toy soldiers" by Liz Story, mmmmm ???? BEGIN LARGE THING ............................................( As the camera comes in, it slowly dodges back and forth along the hospital hallway towards the room finally it comes to rest on the figure - mimicking the final hotel scene in 2001 a space odyssey. the figure wakes slightly then reaches up feebly for the monolith but then the monolith disolves slowly into an array of rectangles the B/G of the rectangles is at first only slightly less black than the original. This then goes towards a dark green - no white or even grey should be used for the inter-sitial spaces. But, then the color goes back towards pure black. And then back away from black - but this time towards a dark blood-red colour. The following is the hand gestures that are to accompany the sequence of the monolith: SOLID, MASSIVE MONOLITH the B/G of the mini-monoliths slowly fades from totally black to a dark colour then holds, gets slightly lighter - ie, possibly even to a dimly lit hue of the colour then fades back to black holds this, then repeats this sequence BEGN: HAND CYCLE -- SPIRITUALLY PLEADING FOR??? -- During all of this, the "patient" (Dave Bowman figure) has his/her/neth's hands forward almost in suplication. As the first dark green comes forward from the B/G of the array of mini-monoliths, the hands slowly turn from slightly akimgo (ie some-what upward but mostly vertical) to more upward (as in not just suplication but in yearning - almost a holy (religion/gesture to VARY at the artist's discression) - until the are almost flat (but still curved/cupped) flat pointing upward. They begin to shake (each time this happens they end up shaking more and more at the end - ie, just before the fade of the tinted colour/hue back total blackness... END: HAND CYCLE -- SPIRITUALLY PLEADING FOR??? -- The color at this point starts going back to totally black As this happens As the cycle ends we hear a sequence trying to overcome the adagio )................................................... END LARGE THING MUSIC The juxtaposition is that from the adagio ...??? which ??? then back Happy 2B HardCore - "SunRize" 00:12 - 00:25 The first 12 seconds (almost certainly drawn out longer) mimics the heart beat - poss with a heart monitor "beeping" in the B/G - but this would fade more and more. The BEAT of the heart is based on the first 00:00 to 00:09 with the double beat at 00:05 - but in each of the HAND CYCLE's this double beat becomes more pronounced and then in the fourth or fifth cycle it becomes much more "ominious" and then =============================================== but then..... but then: ANYTHING TO BE PLACED HERE.. eg, the monolith turns completely yellow, and then all of the mini-monoliths start flashing (eg, similar to the opening film credits of "Bannannas" by Woody Allen --- flash / smash / splash but NOT gnash NOR slash .. or not (then that would lead to madness perhaps)... Well, that's about it for now. I'll try to make a film of this and post it soonest on my youtube site... -- Frank.