[A poem from Pizo (very strange stuff), 
 apparently he has been "doing" reading again.
 Very dangerous stuff that. 

 As it turns out, Erik Satie was a teacher.
 You may have heard of some of his students,
 (I will check the actual spelling of these
          Milhause  (Daree Meeyuu, pro-nunskiateddd)

He lived (much as I do) in pretty much poverty.
(Well, not that I really live in poverty, but
at one point in my life, I did the basic calculation
of "net worth" and was rather pleased/stunned to
find that in point of fact, I was the poorest person
on the planet earth -- but, then that was ONLY in
terms of money).

Oh, just go and get a copy of:

   The Gampedies  (?sp?)  -- you'll recognize many themes there)


Ed Sulivan:  And now, ladies and gentlemen, the
             current offering of the world's least
             tallented beat-nick poet,

take it away, Gilberto...

(er, that's Giljabet...
Whatever, just get on with it!!)

(disolve to, a slender person, dressed entirely in

Your apartment is filthy, and represents a fire-hazzard. Be out by the fifth-teenth. Buddy, all I know is that you were spitting on the side-walk; and that's a $60 fine. et cetera, et cetereeaaae... All to be swept away by calmness: Gymnopedie's by Erik Satie Chestnut Trees at Jas de Bourffan in Winter by Cezanne The smoothness of Rodin's "The Kiss" The smell after Spring's first real rain The taste of ice cold pasta twirls, with a bit of spice Tau #62 The Tau is the hidden Reservoir of all things. A treasure to the honest, it is a safguard to the erring. A good word will find its own market. A good deed may be used as a gift to another. That a man is straying from the right path Is no reason that he should be cast away. Hence, at the Enthronement of an Emperor, Or at the Installation of the Three Ministers, Let others offer their discs of jade, following it up with teams of horses; It is better for you to offer the Tau without moving your feet! Why did the ancients prize the Tau? It is not because by virtue of it, he who seeks finds, And the guilty are are forgiven? That is why it is such a treasure to the world.
"I often regret having come into this petty world; not that I hate the world. "No ... [For indeed] I love the world, I love high society and even the demi-monde, since I'm something of a demi-mondain myself. "But, what have I come to do on this Earth, which is so earth-ly and so earthy? "Do I have duties to perform here? Have I come here to carry out a mission, a commission? "Have I been sent here to amuse myself? to enjoy myself a little? "... to forget the miseries of a beyond which I no longer remember? "Am I not welcome here? "What should I say to all of these questions? Thinking, almost from the moment of my arrival, that I was doing some good down here, "I began to play a few musical airs which I myself had invented.. "All of my troubles stemmed from there." -- Erik Satie, Recoins de ma vie. (Translated by Steward Spencer, with editing by R. Traynham) Back to the Music-page

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