Realm of the Writers

           (this page under heavy constrction..)

           Superb site for SF authors:

           Issac Asimov

           Alfred Bester

           Llloyd Biggle:   The Light That Never Was

           Aldrys Burgess ?sp?

           Ray Bradbury:    R is for Rocket,
                            S is for Space,
                            Dandylion Wine

           Arthur C. Clarke

           CM Kornbluth

           Philip K. Dick

           Gordon R. Dickson:   The Alien Way

           Robert A. Heinlein

           Frank Herbert:   Dune
                            Santaroga Crossing ?title?

           Fred Hoyle 

           Keith Laumer

           Damon Knight 

           Henry Kutner (and Mrs. Kutner:  C.L. Moore)
                -- anything written by either one!!
                 "Return to Otherness"

           Damon Knight:  A man in a tree

           Ursula K. Le Guin

           Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle

           Alan E. Norse

           Andre Norton  (Andrea ?sp?)

           Robert Sheckley

           Clifford D. Simak

           Cordwainer Smith

           A.E. Van Vogt

           James White

           Kate Wilhelm:  Killer Thing

              Clute's:  SF Encyclopedia

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