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See also: [SF Film] [Space vs Gravity One major elment is the differenence between space and planets. For each elment in your story/film/game you'll have to take into account the various things. Unfortunately in the past most space ships/stations and planets all have Earth normal gravity. The main thing is the COST. Even on many of the

Glide Path/Flight Plan/Docking

See also: Space vs Gravity. Consider the two cases of landing a space ship: 1) Airport-control (control tower, etc). 2) Independent pilot. Them first of these is characterised by the film "Airport" during final approach, as well as the film "Alien IV: Resurrection" during then inital approach. The second is characterised by "Star Wars IV: A New Hope" when the Millenium Falcon takes off from Moss Eisley. The two contrasting (extreme) cases indicate the following: 1) A civilisation. A managed port facility. Rules, regulations. 2) Emergencies, breaking the rules, an un-tamed region or situation.

Life forms

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Employment] (etc, in sf-lit; sf as literature)

SciFi Tech


"Airport". Based on "Airport" by Alex Haley