Matrix as Metaphore

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Consumers All

Part of the invisibility of the matrix goes back to the market-driven, consumerist-based socieities that we commonly have. Taking two common examples, FOX tv - Rupert Murdoch ABC tv - Michael Eisner two of the wealthiest and most influential "mediasts" in the world. I mean, take away that Murdoch (an Australlian) tried to purchase the Wallstreet Journal (shades of "Citizen Kane" aka "William Randolph Hearst") and that Eisner all runs Disney (the single most potent film force to children in the world)... What would we say if (eg) Bill Gates owned his own network? We don't think of Ted Turner (yet another billionare) who owns TCM (Turner Classic Movies - via the purchases of MGM's film library)... What about Donald Trump? Or any of the other billionares in the world? So odd is this that when people watch these "DIY" (Do It Yourself) programs that they don't notice that all the guys on the show seem to be White. Where are all of those "illegal aliens" (aka, the Messicans) that we see so much of in our day to day life? Nothing: Just another example of the surreallity (anti-reality?) of the matrix. So, you don't think all of those "news casters" on tv (making anywhere from $100K USA to $1M++) have some sort of bias? One of the oddest is of course "The Factor" (aka "O'Reilly - you'd think as fine an Irishman as would want to meet) -- nope, he's just a hot-headed (and often foul mouthed) millionare and he has the audacity (there is NO such thing as audacity in the matrix; nb) to say "I'm looking out for you." Reminds me of when "Brian" in the Life of Brian says, "Yes, well like you." (speaking figuratively) and the bumpkin says, "Me? Oh, thank you." - taking it literally. Looking out for me? He doesn't know me -- or the other odd 6 billion "nothings" that inhabit SpaceShip Earth. Literally nothing: We have value only as a labor source - but more importantly as the consumer for whom the object is made. But,alas we all know a figure is not a literal - esp computer-wise. So, where are we tv-wise? Everything must (to some extent) be commercial - it's about the only "contstant" in the medium. Even something like NASA (ostensibly the purest of science shows) must "sell us" the "squeeky clean" best foot forward image of NASA; ie, like a car in a show room: Shown in the best possible light. Of course, science (like other intellectual endeavors) supposedly devoid of bias. When asked why physics progresses so slowly, Einstein said, "Because the physicists live so long." Not just that they drag around their old ideas (that were once earth-shattering) but that they (supposedly) lose the ability to innovate. But, that's ok: We don't need no stinkin' innovation. Unless of course it's marketable; natch. *********** BONUS TRACK - synchronicity++ ****** Oddly enough, later that day (while watching the Sci channel about a space probe to Venus) and Lo! Here comes an ad for prostate medicine and the (supposed) spokesman is an astronomer - and the analogy is about shrinking it down and the guy picks up two models of a planet - one smaller than the other. Unfortunately, my darker side (evil twin brain) wasn't rewarded by a reference to the planet Uranus - but, then that would just have been over the top. I mean: After all... So, when do we start seeing the "eye-scan" ads as in the recent version of "Minority Report"??? -[
That film here]- personally targeted to each and everyone of us???