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With the new LED lights it is now possible to create a number of lighting devices that have been possible (but prohibitive due to the HIGH HEAT put out by incandescent lights, etc). Ostensibly, these devices can be used with any sort of theatre or performance (or static art installation), but my *intent* here is a set of props that a performer uses on-stage to create a "light show" in the manner/style of a magic act.


(the magician and assistant) Ostensibly there is a primary performer (the light magician) and their assistant - there is no reason they can't both be performers; viz, Gilbert and George, Laurel and Hardy, or more The Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers, etc. The costumes and presentations can be several (i can even see this performed by "Didi and Gogo" from Beckett's "Waiting for Godot"). The magician dressed all in black (viz, the "Mystery Magician" who reveals the trick behind the magic tricks), with a turtle neck sweater and optional black derby. Or dressed, in silver-white reflective tuxedo. The assistant, dressed as a woman (ie, traditional magician's assistant) or in a grey one-piece over-all/jump-suit (similar to a janitor's "outfit"). etc. Much (or not) flourishing as magicians do, when showing you that the saw/blade/prop is REAL, and then proceeding to cut the lady in half, etc.

Stage Design / Layout

Depending on the design of the act (especially for the finger-play table or TEXT) it would probably best to have the audience "in front" of the finger-play area, so that they can clearly see the hand movement in the light cannons. As usual, the exact nature of the act will determine what seating arrangement to use. Centre-stage is the "light fountain" (the circle of light) and within it, slightly hidden is the light column.


Music / sfx (sound fx)

Props / Devices and their construction

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Light Fountain

(circle of light)

Rotating Filter

Light Column

Light Cannon

The Flat Plane Projector

Finger-play Table

The Fish Tank

The fish tank (an aquarium tank filled with water onto which is projected light and/or text - the surface of the water can be optionally disturbed via a rotating on on/off fan) is designed to create ripple effects in the reflected light/text/images onto a scrim.

Text Projectors

Movable Scrims

The Etherial Clouds



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