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The B.I.S. -- A dark day for America

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The B.I.S. -- A dark day for America

[Excerpts from the book]
Trading with the Enemy, by Charles Higham
[Note: There is a book on insider trading on Wall Street (by by Nicholas W. Maier) with the same title; It's excellent as well!) At the end of World War I, there was established the so-called "Bank of International Settlements" -- the "B.I.S" (and much of what follows will remind many readers of the more recent events of the Iran-Contra and other banks, which just goes to show you (like Ecclesiastes said, so many years ago: There is nothing new under the sun. Or... The more things change, the more they remain the same. The idea was that there should be established a bank into which Germany could deposit moneies to be paid to the allies to repay its "war debt". One author (C.E. Black and E.C. Helmreich in the monumental: Twentieth Century Europe), it would have taken (under the original re-payment plans until 1970 for Germany to repay the debts from World War I. (The astute student of history, will recall, that for the most part the so-called "Great War" was fought over territory -- Germany was definitely losing out on the "colonial" possessions front, this plus the "usual European" jealousies) led to the last "classical" world war -- so far). Needless to say, once the BIS was established it proved more and more valuable for anti-semetic activity in countries all around the world. The BIS was presided over by a board of governors from America, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Great Britain -- don't worry, there is more than enough blame to go around! For the most part, what we see here is not about national pride, or what was or was not official governmental policy. What we have here is our old friend Greed. Long out of print, our friends at Barnes and Nobel have again begun to re-publish the great historical works of the 20th century, including the work that brings us to our current essay: Trading With the Enemy - The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 by Charles Higham I have spent the past 25 years piecing together this story, corresponding with many historians, writers, and spending endless time in many a dusty old book (such as the previously quoted book!). And here it is the truth, as impasionately told as can be, about this dark page in both American and British history. Davis Oil (here in Texas) was at one point selling more to Nazi Germany than was being produced for American usage. Several American plastics companies were exporting more artificial rubber and natural rubber (from their holdings in Brazil) to Germany than was being sold to the Allies. In order to placate Japan, scrap metal was continually sold to them up until the moment of Pearl Harbor. Chase Bank of New York (under the very nose of Nelson Rockerfeller) continued to "hold Nazi accounts" -- into which were placed monies by Nazi-sympathizers in America. These funds were used then funneled through many countries, finally ending up in the French-held Chase Bank (which of course was under German control). Henry Ford (and later, Edsel Ford) suppied jeeps to Nazi Germany -- it will be recalled that Henry Ford (always, a long-term Jew hater) had had published a massive work in several volumes: The International Jewish Conspiracy (which I have stated before, not only indicated how much control the Jews had over everything, but how they (apparently) were the cause of the depression. Of course, ever "good" entrepeneur (Jewish or not) made good money off of World War I, and many (even Jewish held banks!) saw an opportunity to invest in Germany -- even through the middle of the second world war!) (On a personal note, my "obsession" with the betrayal by Henry Ford is from dis-illusionment of my boy-hood emulation of Ford as an inventor, and "this" inventor has never been able to forgive him. Only perhaps to understand, and then maybe, someday ...) Finally, the absurd was the involvement of Standard Oil which helped to supply the very jet-refined fuel that was necessary for the Nazi V2 rockets that were used to bomb England. But, of course, both of the Government's of America and Great Britain knew this (to a certain extent) -- and did nothing. For such is the "strange business" of politics. Rather than cut off their own noses to spite their faces, they had to placate the Satans of Industry -- lest the Devil catch them and expose the folly of it all. But, do not think that this battle was not fought by both brave and resilient men who sought to expose and end these travesties -- however, many a predjudiced (or simply opportunisitc) entrepeneur and politician fought equally hard to continue the status quo -- after all, there were many hoping that Hitler would win. Both here, and of course in Germany. And of course, there were (fortunately) many who fought to end the "vision" of Hitler. Both here, and of course in Germany. But, we all know that story: The bomb that was planted by his own generals, the failed attempt, the quick and ruthless extermination of any (and many) who were or were at least thought to be involved. But, of course -- all of those that were involved are laid to rest in the pages of history.... Well, at least Mercedes-Benz finally did (in the '90's) pay some monies to the surviors of the "slaves" who built their cars during the war. Well, it's a start. For you see (and you can quote me on this): Those who think that they can control history, are doomed to become only trivia. Trivia. To hunch-backed, old scholars who peer many a day over dusty old tomes of faded text....


Excerpts from the book: Also, even on the official BIS page, they are careful to mention any history of their activities during the War -- I have often found this to be the case in certain German books on history. They will come up to about 1933, and then with a single sentence say, and then the war happened. And then in 1945.... -- history page They seem completely above board now; nice looking web-page. An interesting link that came up whilest searching for more info on the BIS: Back to Am-History: 1900 - 2000 Back to the PDE Return to the m-a-c page

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