Art Squeek

(Survival Guide for Minimalists in a Material World)

(zix-42 Branch)

Meez 3D avatar avatars games The image taken is the Some middle class twit shadow of the taker of having tea. the image cast into of. Pretty much a crazy artist (mostly drawing, painting, and of course print making - 2D rules the waves). Degrees: BSCS, Univ North Texas MA, Univ Texas at Dallas ATEC (Art & Technology) (but mostly 37 celcius ;) Areas of interest: All things Sci Fi, Botanic and of course MythBusters, SCI and PBS Ancient and Modern Art History Scripting/Programming C/Java and of course Basic (still the best) Performance art, street and interventionist art, etc. Quotes: When any idea is banned; then no one is safe. "When man plans, the gods are amused." Favorite numbers (other than pi and 1729) 3, 17/19 and of course e, gamma, & sqrt(2) Authors: Twain & Einstein Dorthy Parker & Saki (HH Munroe) Philip K. Dick, Jorge Luis Borges, Rod Serling and of course: Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes with just a tad of Victor Buenno (best known as "King Tut" in the Batman TV "boff!" series) Music: Anything of strength: From Pop to Bach, From Techno to Jazz From Rap to C/W It's all good. From Black Star to Victor Borge to Zappa - and beyond! Favorite time: Tusedae after the fourth Thursday that week. (if i would admit time exists at all!) --42--