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HomeLess: Austin Street Mission

Austin Street Shelter 2929 Hickory St Dallas, TX 75226 214-428-4242 -[main page]- Volunteer program: carisa.austin@austinstreet.org -[campus and such]- I'm an out of work art teacher, but trying to qualify for computers. As such, i would be interested in VOLUNTEERING to teach basic basic computer skills, how to write a resume, how to prepare for an interview, etc. This way i could add this experience to my resume. As you will see from my enclosed resume, I have an extensive background (including my Masters degree - in art and technology). I have taught chemistry and physics labs, as well as giving art history lectures, and assisting/performing art technique demos. I would also be interested in tutoring (I have been a tutor most of my life) students for the GED, etc. I have excellent references as well. I'm about to become homeless (I'm staying with my friends until Monday, July 6th when I'll probably go to the Salvation Army. My only real need would be a ride or bus fare to and from Salvation Army. I look forward to talking to you. I can be reached at the phone below until the 6th - but i'm not sure if i will have internet access at the Salvation Army (where i am also applying to teach). Thanking you for you time and attention to this matter, Richard "Frank" Traynham, Phone: 214 826-5208 email: fleeding@hotmail.com resume on line via: https://art-squeek.angelfire.com/2009-craft-artist.doc -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]-