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Ancient Egypt

A Few Things

As Thomas Hoving writes in his delightful "Art for Dummies": "The find of the tomb of King Tutankhamun in November 1922, with its nearly 5,000 works of art, caused a sensation. [Recall that throught out the ages, almost every tomb was looted when-ever it was found; are we then not doing the same thing now? -- Pizo] ... "I shall never forget how I felt as the organiser of the exhibition throughout the U.S. of some of Tut's works of art, when I personally lifted the golden mask that covered the mummy's face and touched it. [Crossing some 1500 years, that touch] I actually kissed it on the lips and didn't fall victim to the famous curse. [The curse was "fulfilled' due to an air-borne disease/dust that was deadly to modern humans] "This gold and lapis lazuli mask is the most evocative and smashing work of decorative art that has survived antiquity. ... Artistically, the mask ranks among the top portraits ever created: The gorgeous youth (he was 14 or so when he died) is portrayed as a king, a god, and a vulnerable teenager. If you gaze at this magnificent piece, you can't help but be moved by the strength, as well as the sensitivity of the visage."