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[Ref: David Sweetman's superb: "Toulouse-Lautrec, Oscar Wilde, Felix
      Feneon, and the art & anarchy of the fine de siEcle", 

THis is soooo neat!  I had already come across PEre's name in looking
for Yves T. -- such is the nature of serindiptity ?sp?. I found that 
he was often willing to "give" artists paint and supplies, for which
he would (graciously in many cases) take a few (often v. bad) paintings
as payment, and carry them "on the cuff".

           TIME: JAN 1871
           PLACE: PARIS, TERRA

           PRESS:  GO.

For some odd reason (known only to the madmen that seem to *always*
end up in positions of power), Emperor Napolean, III went to war
and ends having MOST of France over-run by the Prussians. Well,
except for this group of what I can only (in my own naieve way)
can only call "hippies" refuse to yield the city of Paris. (meanwhile
in Versailes, he government has taken a breather and is arranging
the terms of surrender to Prussia). In Paris, a commune (refered to
as THE Commune) is formed and held out against both the Prussians,
and those opposed the *actual* implementation of Equality, Fraternity,
and "the rest". Anyway, the seige ends, Paris is seized and all of
those who felt betrayed by these "commune-ists" hunt down and kill
almost anyone they find. Some how Courbet and Tanguy escape the
vengence. We now fast forward to 1877, Courbet has died, Tanguy 
has (somehow) escaped execution, and these (ahem) "artists" --
like Monet (who was an early convert to Courbet's idea of painting
OUT DOORS, not in THE STUDIO). Anyway, the official government has
really clamped down and is trying to stamp out these so-called
"impressionists" (which they were called since 1874, when a critic
saw Monet's "Impression: Sun rise"), so here is Tanguy pretty 
much GIVING paints, brushes and such to these painters. Now for
the zinger:  Courbet is the *only* accepted artist to praise the
ideas of the Commune, Tanguy is right there in the midsts of it
all (in Paris, during The Commune) -- later he accused as almost
personally being behind the toppling of the tower near the place
d' vendrome. 

So, there you have it folks:  Art is dangerous stuff, and the
sooner that it stamped out, the better!!!! Unless of course it's
nice *decent* pictures of fluffy bunnies, light houses, and of
course the cute country-side cottages. You know the ones, with
the little winding path leading up to it, and the fawn over
near the brook peacefully sipping water, and the chain saw
maniac cutting up grandma, and with grandpa no where to be found.
WAIT a minute! That *is* grandpa hacking grandma to death with 
a chain saw; i just loves it when the whole family participates
in great moments like this, don't you.  And our show today is
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Good night, peasant dreams, and have a wonderful tommorrow.