Alejandro Xul Solar

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Alejandro Xul Solar

(b.1887, Terra; d.1954, ) water-colourist!, aka "Xul" ! (per Day & Sturges....


(per op.cit.)

Important Works

"Hypnotism" (Hipnotismo) (1923) b, b^2 w/c (water colour mee-sul) "Chief of Snakes" (Jefe de sierpes) (1923) w/c NOTES: "Xul Solar combined an un-usual vocabulary of cubist forms, with an iconography outside of everyday European life. The Chief of Snakes, a mythic, vaguely pre-Columbian creature, a ahaman who controls super-natural forces, exudes strage powers as snakes hover around his head. His two-dimensionl body of geometric/organic forms floats on the paper, weightless as a fantastic dream. Other early works, in which planes are fractured by horizontal bands, seem not un-like pictures painted on Venetian blinds; they suggest some *aberrant* [?!, pizo!] form of Futurism derived from an association with the Italian Futurists in 1922. By 1924, Xul Solar had developed a repertoire of forms and subjects based on concerns of the European avant gard yet uniquely his own. ... Xul Solar's position was like Rip van Winkle's in revers." -- Day&Sturges, P.59! (tips towel!) "Other Port" (Otro puerto) (1929) w/c on cardboard "Bri, Country, and People (Bri, país y gente) (1933)