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Ludwig Sievert

Ludwig Sievert (1887.05.17, Hanover!; d.1966.12.11, Munich) Despite the pressures to "conform" during the Nazi era, his productions maintained the light of creative freedom that must have been a beacon to those who wondered if this madness (Herr Hitler and his troupe of thugs) would ever end. In the end, the light of reason emergede briefly, only to be (as its way) to forced back into the obscurity of hatred, and destruction that the modern world seems so enamoured with. His work never achieved the imaginative levels that it did before the war; such is the price of madness and its constant pressure to conform, to fit in, to not speak up. That is what, the war is about -- intellectual freedom is the first casualty, next come the book burnings, and then the oaths of obedience. Notable works include: Krenek's "der sprung Uber den schatten"; Frankfurt, 1924. Hindemith's "Sancta susanna"; 1922. Orff's "carmina burana"; Frankfurt, 1937.