Kurt Schwitters (b.1887, Hanover; d.1948, Ambleside, GB) aka "" (o-umlaut) Reference: Taschen "Dadaism" by Dietmar Elger (ed, by our dear friend Uta Grosenick) ISBN 3-8228-2946-3


"you know exactly as i do what art is: it is nothing more than a rhythm. but if that is so, i shan't bother myself with imitation or the soul, but purely and simply produce rhythms with whatever takes my fancy: tramways, oil paints, wooden block -- yes now you're gawping like a blockhead".

Important works

"the pig sneezeds to the heart" (1919; pencil and watercolour on paper; 25.9x20.5cm) "utntitled (may 191)" (c.1919; collage, 21.6x17.3cm) "merz picture 29a. picture with flywheel" (1920; assemblage, 85.87x106.8cm (picture), 93x113.5x17cm (original frame)) "opened by the postal department for inspection" ??exact-title???