t-2001 plans

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Art Snobbling societies: $50 join Contemporary, $35 join Carrolton/FB &/or Addison Slides: $350 15 prints, and then cake them 3 paintings digital shoot of the "basics", then cake them the murals (first set) (5x) vids for EACH art work or "set" Car: $200 brakes $200 insurance + inspection Wardrobe: $100 decent pair of shoes -- comfortable. Health: $100 Bali's membership (check on it being transferable) Get a new doctor or else just quack-up on the meds -- sheesh! Paint at least 6 "marketable" paintings on canvas, and then build stretchers for them. $1200 each.

Art Projects

1) Drawing. Make "sets" of each work that tie in with EXISTING print things. Do studies for the drawings and make a mini-portfolio on EACH project (as if it were an entire semester project). WORK HARD now, have an EASIER LIFE LATER (isn't that what you tell your kids??) 2) Make vids (see #3 & #4 under
Job Exercicses)

Job Exercises

Exercises designed to broaden the old portfolio.... 1. Using projector, tracings, etc. Prepare "design" idea sheets and work them up using various media, including: cloth swatches (design board, collage, texture), pure-charcoal drawing, wash & charcoal, mixed ink drawings, use acrylics as if they were oil paint and not the anathema of the "serious artist". 2. Prepare a catalog for each show in the metroplex, with photographs, label information, catalog entries should include prepare a virtual tour. 3. Prepare vids, mix sound, narrative, music to produce professional looking tours of the museums. these should be in the style of PR (public relations) info films about the city/college/etc. 4. artsy stuff. "Walking Foot Productions presents" -- xyz gallery, zysy artist, the xxxists art movement. these should be mini films of 15 minutes in length. 5. Mail at least 20 parcels using Fed Ex, as well as local postal systems. Learn what to write where on the mailers. Learn how to track the item, do the follow up that it was received. 6. Do volunteer work for various art schools, including tours, in-class demos.

Job Ideas

"Great Jobs for Art Majors", Blythe Camenson, ISBN 0.07.140903.0 (Chicago, 2003). 702.3'73 -- or 331.CAM, N6505.C33 10 Personal Traits Creative Hardworking Honest Philosophical Analytical Interested in learning Educated/cultured Animated Cartoonist Humanist Personal Values -- working environment not too stressful/physically demanding (echh!) inter-work with people get to be helpful cataloging, research, report writing documentation Ecconomic needs. Appt $500 (probably less isn't too reasonable) Car $60 (insurance) $40 (gas) $10 (general) Bus $25 (nice to have) med $100 (dep's on med plan, ???) art $200 (prob pretty reasonable) books $50 (hard habit to break) ??? $100 (???) ------- ---- ------------------------------ $1000 + $200/month "savings" ? ????? Long Term goals Stability (keep creating, keep surviving, don't die) Travel (approx $2000 a year (nice, v. nice to have) Savings? Skill-base English Language (writing/editing/reporting/research) again with the literate skills, typing, etc. Maths/sciences/eng'r/computers Artististic k-base, etc. Need further work on Craft skills (eg, bookbinding/restoration) Art skills (colours, painting, materieals, etc -- on-going) Marketable skills!!!! ========================= LAUNCH THE LUNCH ========================= Cat sitting. =========== Heather T. She takes her responsibilites v. seriously, "For 95% of the people that i sit for, their cats are their children. So, i treat them as if they were my own." DOWNERS: need to be bonded, legal hassels, etc, dead pet, and other good news. Owner's name: Pet(s)'s name(s): Food and feeding schedual: Special requirements: Where are the cat box liners, diotomacious earth, etc. Play things? Emergency contacts: Cel phone: Hotel/location: When to call (to report in) Vet's name: Other trusted neighbor/friend to contact: ================================================================= Art assistant starving artist (working on the qualifications for this one) ================================================================= Abstracter / Researcher "The art of abstracting", by Edward T. Cremmins, (Arlington, 1996) www.nfais.org Guide to Careers in Abstracting & Indexing, Ann Cunningham (Philadelphia, 1992) AIIP -- Assoication of Independent Information Professionals 10290 Monroe, No. 208 Dallas, TX 75229 voice: 609.730.8759 web: www.aiip.org Information Industry Association 555 New Jersey Ave, NFW #800 Washington, DC 20001 voice: 202.639.8262 Special Libraries Assoication 1700 18th St., NW Washington, DC 20009 voice: 202.234.4700 www.sla.org Investigative Reporting ======================= search on: Steve Weinberg (u. of mo., columbia) Center for Investigative Reporting 500 Howard St., 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 voice: 415.543.1200 tollfr: 800.733.0015 Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) Missouri School of Journalism 138 Neff Annex Columbia, MO 65211 voice: 573.882.2042 web: www.ire.org web2: www.reporter.org National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting (NICAR) Missouri School of Journalism 138 Neff Annex Columbia, MO 65211 voice: 573.882.0684 web: www.nicar.org doulas of north ameriica web: wwww.childbirth.org web: www.icea.org ======================================== And then back to art...... "Career opportunities in art, rev'd ed. by Susan H. Haubenstock and David Joselit, ISBN 0.8160.2891.5 (New York, 1994) "Because many are career areas are so competitive, it may be helpful to note where jobs can be found most easily. In general, the commercial (profit-making) side of the art world is more open to new-comers than the non-profit side. It is easier to get a job in a gallery than in a museum. It is easier to get a mob at an auction house, than in a school art department. Business-related art careers are more plentiful, esp within a successful and growing concern. Govt agencies and museums depend on appropriations and donations for funds, and they tend to hire fewer people and to have less to pay them with." Loc. cit, p.xiii. printmaker -- jobs as technical assistants or lab assitants in print studios.