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Note: In many cases, a ref: "STOCK, P. 347" will, occur. This refers to Stokstad, SECOND (2002) EDITION, pages. Paragraph notation (a) .. (h) follows the Ency. Brit. standard.


"Nich" Ref: Stockstad, P.347(g).


Ref: Stockstad, P.347(h). "Tower from which the muezzins (criers) call the faithful to prayer". In some cases, the minarets were added later to existing (Christian) churches.


Ref: Stockstad, P.347(g). Islamic holy place of communal worship (temple/church, equiv). The mosque is oriented so that the worshipers face Mecca (see map) when they pray. Often there will be a raised dias for for the prayer leader or dignataries, the "minbar" (pulpit).


Ref: Stockstad, P.347(g). Wall at the front of the Mosque. Contained in the middle of it is the mihrab (relics niche).