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On the involvement of art: "I have been asked to do work for various things -- commissions to do with things like lifeboats and wildlife and all kinds of tghings. I love this because I am part of this life. I can't be un-politically minded. I'm very involved. ... I don't march, ... [during the Spanish war and Franco] I've always been involved. I was involved in industry in my home town. I was invovled in distress and the strikes, everything. I wasn't marching, but I was involved through my work." (interview with [Cindy Nermser in "Art Talk")

Pizo muses...

Her work "Maquette, Theme and Variations", 1970. Is for me a v. important work. (This dispite the fact that she doesn't like doing maquettes, rather prefering to work to scale). These simple, purely geometric works again bring to me the idea of the geometric giving rise to (or "in to") the organic. These items (especially, the v. flower like piece on the right) bring this concept up. Of course the prob then is, that by having so many geometric components together, we again approach the "pixel" problem; ie, pixels (or pointalism in general) become so numerous that we are effectively creating an image using LINE, SHAPE, etc.

Important works

"Project: Monument to the Spanish War" 1938-39. "Family of Man"; series, 1970.