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Ed Krasner-Pollock-Harris

In all of the ways of being, that of the poet most am I. And then, when all seems lost, this simple thing remains: As long as we care, we should not dispair. For of song, and muse, And art and dance, Sing I. Thanks, Ed.


Despite an over-emphasis on his drinking (see on the Pollock page), this is a deeply moving and well-made film. Mr. Harris and company can be proud to have added yet another fine example of how *good* cinema can reflect well on the life of the artist. I think that they (the entire company, with Mr. Harris at the helm as director/co-3-producer/actor), have produced a high quality product that sells well, wears well, and is sure to be well recieved by the Galactic Central Council, as well as the Art Snobbling Council (always a hard sell). And in closing, I can only say this: Wibble. (or to put it another way: well done, ed!!) (tips his towel three times to the plastic plant to his left in the waiting room in the East-facing side of the Southwestern Medicial Center; to which the a-fore-mentioned a-fore-foot, plant waved one of it's v. plastic fronds back at the author, whereupon, suddenly peace broke out, and the war mongers were in utter dispair! Oh, woe is us (they cried), but all to no avail. (well, at least for the moment).


"I just wish that guy would stop waiving his hat." - director commentary about the opening sequence, (extra waves hat as prop "a bit much")

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