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Louise Bourgeois

Paul Gardner's

From the Universe Publishing series, "Louise Bourgeois", ISBN 0.87663.639.3 (Hong Kong, 1994) "Some of her most striking work, where the symbol of survival stares into the abyss beyond desire, carries a sharpened sensuousness. Her Femm-Couteau (knife woman) series, which was first shown in 1969, depicts the seductive body of a woman that slowly turns itself into an elongated knife. THese small figural pieces are made of white, black, and pink marble (pink, she saysmenas that you like yourself). The series represents the polarity of women, the destructive and the seductive. "It symbolizes women who are afraid of men, or, to protect themselves, they turn into a blade. But when the women becomes aggressive, she also becomes terribly afraid. There is always the love-hate element".


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