More notes on the bourgeois... As regards money. It would appear tuat this is (again) based upon the hierarchical view of things. For example, the person with the money can dictat how it is to be spent. This coupled with the phrase "money talks" leads us to the concept that the "better off" a person is (ie, how much more money, things, etc) that a person has in their own view (and in the view of the various classes) is seen to determine how much respect, obesiance, etc a person is afforded. To break it on down, "The clothes make the man" (and let's face it, it is *still* a "man's world" and here in the USofA, that's white man (not that things aren't changing). The power holders can always be descerned by their "knowledge of style". For men, the suit and even the "dockers" are pricey and likely to be kept that way. After all, when (as a doctor i once had) put it "If you can't tell a doctor from a plumber [by the house that they live in], then what's the point?" This of course applies to the CAR, HOUSE, and even the restaurants where the bourgeois and tops live. For women, a curious thing occurs. It is considered a sign of distinction to be able to recognize top designer labels and purchase them at good wills etc. Of course, this must be offset with a high-dollar piece of jewelry. Now, this isn't to say anything against the people as such, there are many fine people that find it necessary to "fit in". However, when this becomes the defacto standard, then there is danger. After all, people will try to imitate this behaviour, and of course, falling short (since they can't actually afford the life-style to which they'd like to become accustomed to), frustration sets in, and then this leads to a buying frenzy of trying to "make it all go away" by surrounding themselves with more credit card debt -- all of which pleases the bourgeois money handlers and their top bosses. "Don't do as i do, do as i say" This is the most powerfull tool for put-ing someone in their place. You take a simple bit of action on their part, and magnify it up, and make it a CRITICAL element in judging them. Once the under-person accepts (or finally concedes) that this phony judgment factor has merit, they are easily manipulated, controlled, and kept down in their place. One common example, is the mis-use of the King's English as a weapon. Once you get a potential under-person to accept that you (the master) have a command of this "commodity" and that they do not, then you can easily "persaude" (usually via mockery, disdain, and out-right humiliation) them to put on the yoke of an under-person. (And then their language marks them forever; to remove these yokes, was/is/will-be my intention on the King's Englis site: Once people can learn the "knack" of the king's english then (yes, THEN) the tables can be turned. Once on the bus, (cross town connecting route), a BOSS and two of his underlings were on the bus -- oddly sitting at the back of the bus, overheard: underling-1: oh, yes, yes, yes (sycophantic yes-person stuff) .... BOSS: The box was as large as he. AH! The use of the predicate verb form. Of course it is *usually* spoken as: The box was as large as him. (thus implying the use of the accusative (object case) or at least some strange sort of dative (indirect-object). Of course, we of the Kings English know that the ACTUAL PROPER FORM IS: The box was as large as he IS. (see the "balancing verb" ?) Meanwhile, back at money. If i give you money, then i can determine how you are going to spend it. The oddest bit of this is when someone offers to buy me gasoline, and then insists on my buying the lowest grade possible (which is what these bourgeois people buy, unless they some how see it as beneath them to buy cheap gas). So, having no knowledge of anything automobilic, they: 1) Don't ever ask for Castrol (and pay the extra bit). 2) Don't buy that "high-dollar" gas; despite the equations clearly printed on the pumps. 3) Follow all of the directions to the letter (remember they can actually afford to have the oil changed every 3 thousand miles -- heaven forfend that the car-tech should forget to reset that little reminder light!! it would literally drive the bourgeois car-OWNER insane. (pun intended) Thus, equating money with power, and money with knowledge, etc, etc, etc, etc... etc. (wibble) Which again brings us to the aesthetic life and how it is looked down upon. When i announced at the work-fair at the un-employment commission that i was seeking a degree in art (oh, you should have heard the gufaws), and of course *that* degree wasn't on the "approved carrer funding" list. But, Lo! Graphic args was! (imagine that: Seeking the pure aesthetic of art for arts sake: VALUE ZERO; seeking to design glossy look-alike ad's, web-pages, etc (all associated with Business, which in turn is associated with money, and hence power -- hierarchy all the way up (and it's turtles all the way down) -- the business of america IS business), well then THAT careeer choice is valid and IS on the approved funding list. (figure that one took you by susprise!) And yet, all of those MSNBC, FOX news, and other *junk* things ALL depend on that same glossy art look (pretty odd to be looking at a blank screen with just text on a screen. -- more later, tired. Leg hurts, must have tylenol. Damit all.