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Art Value

This series of essays consider the various aspects of choosing to be an aritst (of what-ever stripe) in contemporary American Society.

Why don't you get a job?

Feminae poetam amant. Women love the poet. Jenny's "Latin, Book I". So easily are we corrupted. So, easily led astray from the one right and proper path towards success. By any measurable standard of 20th/21st Century (1900c/2000c) American ideas of "success", i am a failure. Thrown out of work at the age of 50, briefly and periodically homeless, estranged from my own family - only occasionally acknowledged at all. And then inevitably: Why don't you get a *real* job; eg, selling scam vitamins/stocks/air-purifiers, driving a semi truck, sell shoes, etc. And of course oddly enough the people that i associate with have all pretty much the same story: A day job that allows them to pursue their dreams of art, music, theatre, etc. All odd balls. All (for the most part) "failures" from any discernable standard of "normal jobs", or just in terms of that oh so conducive chimera: Be a Success. One goal is of course to be "noticed" and thus sell just enough work to survive; eg, enought t-shirts based on a design, enough music gigs to pay the bills, and of course in terms of theatre - good luck. This seemingly depressing state of affairs doesn't really seem to affect a large group of artists (here i use the term to include all of the arts, as well as history, philosophy, etc - as is my want to do of). Of course (via film and tv) we are taught to await the "big chance" - which will surely come. Well, that's about it for now.