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Art Theory

A joke rendered by David Newman... This artist is applying for a position at art school, and the dean of the department is quite impressed (and sez so), finally the dean asks the prospective teacher if there is anything that they should know about the artist, that they haven't already covered. Replies the artist, "Yes, I think that you should know that I am an terrorist." (after a bit of mumbling among the review board, the artist continues, "Yes, I am a terrorist. I think that the only thing that the world understands is violence. Jesus was killed for trying to teach the way of peace. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for trying to free France from English rule. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Bobbie Kenedy were all murdered. The only way that we can change the world is through terrorism". After a rather un-easy silence, from the back of the room an old codger speaks up, "Did I hear you correctly that you are a TERRORIST???" Yes, came the reply. The old codger sez, "Thank goodness! I thought you said you were an art theorist!".

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