Tarsila do Amarila

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Tarsila do Amaral

(b. 1886.09.01, Capivari, Brasil; d.1973.01.17, São Paulo, Brasil) aka "Tarsila" (yeah!!! :) (per Day & Sturges....


(per op.cit.) "The key event in the advance of avant-garde ideas, however, had been the Semana de arte moderna (Week of Modern Art), a festival of music, literature and poetry, and painting and sculpture, hoedl in February 1922, when she was still in Paris. Comparable to the New York Armory show in 1913, the Semina shocked and out-raged a complacent public [P.68] as it forced a confrontation with Modernism. Nationalistic in feeling (it co-incided with the celebration of the centenial of Brazil's independence) and agressively experimental, the festival engenered sufficient controversy to establish itself as the landmark event in the history of Brazilian Modernism. - op.cit.P.66-68 Meanwhile in 1924: "... she traveled thoguth the old gold-rush towns of Minas Gerais with Mario de Andrade

Important Works

Illustrates Cendrars' Feuilles de route I: Le Formose (Paris, 1914) ""The Egg (Urutu)" (O ovo (Urutu)) "Urutu" is the Tupi-Guarani word for snake. (Note: IT is the Guarani that the missionaries try to "civilise" (supposedly by playing music to attract them, they are later slaughtered by the Portuguese (i think, does it matter? imperalists then are not the imperialists of today); see: [José Gamarra]