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The Aesthetics of My Work

The Abcense/Precense of Time & Light

In a manner of speaking my works (like those especially of Paul Klee and Saul Steinberg) do *not* translate well into the physical. In the first place we (if i may speak freely for those of us not present at the "present time") assume perfect lighting down into our two dimensional world. When we draw a line, it is placed in exactly perfectly lit conditions. If we want dark, we use shading, washes, and of course *faint* cross hatching; i think we would agree that Robert Crumb is *still* the master of cross hatching creating lighting and content at the same time. Recall that the renaisaance masters were so absorbed in the content and directness of their message that they tried to *approach* photographic representation - this culminating in works by Rembrandt and others of the later periods; a tradition carried on in photo-realism by ?names?... eg, Phil Pearstein (who is limited NOT only to photog but to massive multi-colour prints).... However, we *know* the world primarily THRU the photographic. It is as in-escapable as the gravity which we negate in our drawings. Of course one of the *most* successful of the translateurs of the pure 2-d world into the represented space (eg, of a gallery) is another acknowledged master: Donald Judd. We can no more imagine his "tower" actually falling off the wall than we can imagine Konstantine Brancusi's "Bird in Flight" not BEING just IN flight, but BEING FLIGHT manifested.


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