A = a summer of jazz

aspriant singlets on thirds

Technical note: This "reads" from top-left towards bottom-right. ============== (title goes here) From fierce atoms come from above come from the sun The line of space struggles its way along the orbit between hope and fear, searching, sloughing, and then finding lift at last but then all is lost ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" ZAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN T'" From no where comes a circle - the orb of our dreams, the cycle of life. Quiet. Un-assuming (it has no need for fanfare) Insistent, Accretive Whole. And from it's stark TWENTY-THREE-TILT comes a stream of particles re-radiant into space and from a hundred miles down inside: THE earth-moon centre holds sway and it alone knows the one treu elipse \ ------- about the sun. and unseen to most especially tyrants its waves build harmonic beauty and up and out and out and (...) then a new platformic dimension congeals and all begins again. (...) And the centre is found only within thee, safely hidden - but not from poets' sweet songs.