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011 Hidden Values

From a rather intense dream ..... as viewed from above in the gallery space: | | screen |GALLERY WALL projector | | []o O t @ | | | | m| m| m| m| | T| B| L| | FIGURE 1. The projector projects the image onto the screen which is a suspended sheet of white foam board with the middle cut out. The image then passes onto the wall which is the FOCAL plane of the image from the slide projector. The image area should (ie, as in "it has the physical possibility to be as") show up as a circle. Depending on the place ment of the screen, distance etc - again with the physics! - the outline of the image should show up as a circle. In the middle of the circle is a large black dot - ostensibly cut out of the same foam board as the screen - but poss of a different size. The images as they "read" right-to-left (as seen by a viewer looking at the gallery wall) O |||| /\ @ m T FIGURE 2. where the indications mean the images from the slide projector, the monolith and then the table yarn sculpture. Since both the monolith and "table" read as vertical figures (essentially buildings - sky scrap-ers in the modern era) we get essentially NUMBER 0 1 1 Yarn can then be stretched down diagonally near the circle (the "zero") from upper right to lower left to form a "9' O / this shouldn't be *too* obvious. but then with my work, it's all about subtle-ty anyway; well unless one has the secret decoder ring - eg, with the Korean artist Chu Chong-Kuen's works *anything* that even appears a "bit" tree-like IS a tree, and is one of his symbols for life, generations, family, etc. The notation in figure 1, above of "t" represents an optional table onto which are placed the "children'. These are essentially tubes of paper wrapped around a weight at the bottom to keep the hollow tube standing up on the table. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |===| the weight gives a new surface down onto which the interested/ motivated viewer can look. I'm thinking of some of David Mc's cosmic tiles - although i would see the scale as a bit smaller than a standard 4x4 (inches) tile. But then these could also be even hex tiles, or in the limit (towards smallness) simply slugs of metal say the size of 1-1/2 inch metal washers. Alternatively the weight could be any sort of wooden form and the paper tube is stapled to it, and then a piece of white paper and/or an image is put down into the tube to cover the weights. The tube of the paper (either inside or out) could be blank. If there is an image inside, then obviously it will appear almost animorphic and thus should either be rather simple and/or recognisable or of course (big drum roll here) fractal / collage / assembled - didn't see *that* one coming did yee? ;) Regardless the outside can again be "YAIP" (Yet Antother Image Plane) but of course is (depending on the geometry of the base - circle, square, hex, rectangular) it's some sort of surface. This too can either be blank and in fact so close to the FOCAL PLANE of the projector that the image from the slide projector can ONLY be seen on these surfaces - but of course they once again mirror (no pun intended, but nice when it occurs thusly) a "FRACTAL MIRROR". This of course re-capitulates all of the referneces to 9/11 and the cartoonists works that used *that* as the motif - shattered glass being the usual/more-traditional venue. Alternatively (prob best in the current context of experimenting with the gallery space itself), i would see them as circular tubes with one side with some of my denser figures and one side v. much less - if not in fact complete blank, thus the idea of the "dark side of the moon", the eclipsed, etc. (Any resemblance to how the news about the war is being presented is PURELY co-incidental; ie, half truths, half lies, etc.) Oh, well my dad just left for his morning rounds - he goes off to have breakfast with some of his friends at braums so maybe i can get some sleep (the wine was *way* in-sufficient to knock me out too much so every time he'd get up (about 3 - 10 times a night) it wakes me up - the bathroom in this part of the house (what ever happened to the "ranch style" home !!!) is just off the family room where the sleeper sofa is. And of course my mom (on yet *another* sleep schedual) comes in from her room around noon or 1pm and turns on the tv full blast - so that wakes me up from that end of the house. Go figure. nite all, it may turn out that all that is done and sed from this entire exercise is this set of files, the resulting (often edited as we all know) blogs/journals/rambles. And of course, after visiting the old folks home i can well and treuly understand why the suicide rate at this time of the year is the highest possible value. oh well, we all know the (barely sustaining) mantra: 1. keep creating. of course we do this because we must - we are metaphysical balloon beings that must produce art or explode. so tired... frank this file: 011-hidden-values.html