IconoPlexity is Where You Find it

Along side an 'art gallery wall', a person (question mark floating above their head) views a painting entitled 'The Lie' - it consists of ONLY three dots in the middle of the canvas; two in a row from the centre of the canvas diagonally (quite close to each other) from the centre of the canvas down to the LEFT, and then just below those, off to the side - NOT co-linear with the first two POINTS - a third dot. Something like this: +------------+ | | | . | | . | | . | | | | | +------------+ Note: they do NOT make a right-angle! (much as it might "look" that way) Next in line to the LEFT is a fraction of another art work, this one consisting of some lines in a sort of tic-tac-toe form. Back behind the generic 'art consumer' is a tall pedistal upon which a lower-case Greek letter 'xi' is sitting as if a coil of wire it were. And next to this a sign on the wall stating: Directory Nano Tech (around the corner) Microbes (down the hall to the LEFT) Vacules (to the RIGHT) and a 'both-ways' arrow indicating MORE MINIMALISM to the LEFT and RIGHT." -- share and enjoy! --42--